Peke-buo is on a mission to simplify your life by creating innovative products to help you feel ready to conquer your day.

Sariah Tate, Founder and CEO:

"I am mom of three boys. My mind loves to come up with creative solutions to help make life more efficient and convenient. 

The making of the peke-buo™ diaper changing bag:

So the main question for me when rethinking and redesigning the 'diaper bag' was: "Is there a way to create a small diaper changing kit that lets you grab a wipe when it is folded up into a bag AND when it is in changing station mode??"

I was just curious, really. 

I grabbed a scrap piece of lined paper, scribbled out what could be a changing pad and added two bags on the side that could be used for diapers and wipes. I cut it out. I played around and folded it until wipes could be at my right at my finger tips no matter what!

I'm not joking when I say that that little piece of paper stayed folded by my nightstand for like OVER A YEAR. I did nothing with it. I mean, I was drowning in mothering responsibilities so I simply didn't think I could do anything else.

Every time I would look at the little piece of paper, however, I would get butterflies inside because I thought it would be kinda exciting to see if I could actually make a little diaper kit like that!  So one day, I actually buckled down and started it. It was made out of a random table cloth material I had at home. Waterproof. That was important. 

Watch how Sariah went from idea to prototype to prototype:


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Behind the name PEKE-BUO:

Most people pronounce the name of the product ‘peek-a-boo’ when they first read it, which, coincidentally, is fitting for the bag. Since the product is intended for the care of babies, a name that sounds like the popular infant surprise game works perfectly. The surprise elements and flaps and openings of the bag fit the idea of ‘peek-a-boo’.

Sariah Tate, creator of the bag and brand, is a native Spanish speaker and has inserted some fun "hidden" meanings.

Peke is a phonetic way to represent the Spanish word "peque", meaning small and also used to refer to small children. The product is both intended for small children and also one of the key features of the bag is that it is very compact. 

Buo is the phonetic way to represent the Spanish word, "búho", meaning owl. Owls are iconic for wisdom or intelligence which ties in with the "smart diaper bag" concept.  The product unfolds to mimic the shape of an owl. 

Little Owl.


The completing of the Peke-buo bag vision 

The peke-buo diaper changing bag, introduced in 2016, was only the baby portion of a larger vision.  From the beginning, founder Sariah Tate wanted to create a bag system that easily adapted to everything you encounter during your day. 

This bag system evolves with you throughout stages of motherhood and way beyond the baby years.

The peke-buo Convertible SET is the bag system that adapts to whatever life brings.

Watch this video to help explain: