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I love how simple but brilliant this bag is! I love that I can take it on a quick trip or into wherever I am going without having to take everything else too! I can just grab this smart little bag and go! It's awesome and I feel like a fancy mom when I use it! I also love that the wipes are always easily accessible and I always know where they are for when my little man decides to spit out instead of swallow his mouthful of food at the restaurant.

Sarah W.

I love having this functional, convenient and compact bag to take with me everywhere. It's much easier to use than my bulky diaper bag. It's fun to show off how the bag works with friends and family too.

Author's Tia R, Ut

Your Life is so Many Things, Your Bag Should be Too.

Watch How a Mom of 4 Packs and Uses her peke-buo Convertible Set Diaper Bag:

All Sections of the peke-buo Diaper Bag Zip Off!

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peke-pak – Little Pouch but does So Much!

It holds your keys, wallet, phone and personal items. View your phone without taking it out of your clutch. Wear it as an over the should, crossbody or belt bag. Zips onto the Pb diaper bag and/or Tote. Dimensions: 10"x 5.4"

Enjoy Style & Adaptability with this All-Purpose Tote.

Converts from tote to backpack instantly. The interior includes 4 slip pockets, 1 device pocket (fits up to a 13" laptop). Outside of bag there are two side pockets for drinks or can be used as a hand pocket, one zippered pocket (not shown). Underneath front flap is a unique separating zipper that allows you to attach the Peke-pak. Includes clips to hang any of 3 peke-buo pieces (wipes, dispenser and/or peke-pak).

Dimensions: 13" tall x12 wide

Great Everyday Wallet

This wall can be folded in reverse to be used as an insert so you don't have to pull out your whole wallet. Includes 6 card slots, 2 Cash/receipt pockets, Zippered coin pocket, magnetic Closure. Fits perfectly in the PB Peke-pak.

Dimensions: 7.25"x 3.75" when closed

Dispense Whatever You Need.

The dispenser portion of the PB diaper changing bag zips off, and can be used on its own. The perfect bag for essentials at your finger tips from tissues,  cosmetics to doggie bags, the choice is yours! Perfect for hanging in the car, going on walks with your dog, or every day use.

Dimensions: 10.5"x 7.5"

Ultra-Slim for Diaper Changes Anywhere.

The pad portion folds into its own changing clutch fitting a diaper and small wipes package. Slim enough to be inserted into any bag! We also included printed instructions to easily assemble your PB! Large enough to change toddler sizes.

Dimensions: 27" x13"

Easy Cleanup Wherever You Go.

Not just for moms! Wipes are easy clean up for anyone! Wear the bag or hang it where you need them like your car, home or stroller. Includes 2 interior pockets. Click onto Convertible Tote for quick wipes where ever you go.

Dimensions: 10.5"x 7.5"

Made for Everyone.

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The Vision

The Peke-buo convertible set is a bag system that easily adapts to the different demands of your day and life.

The Peke-buo diaper changing bag, introduced in 2016, was only the baby portion of a larger vision.  From the beginning, founder Sariah Tate wanted to create a bag system that easily adapted to everything you encounter during your day. 

This bag system evolves with you throughout stages of motherhood and way beyond the baby years.

The Peke-buo Convertible SET is the bag system that adapts to whatever life brings.

Sit Back & Enjoy as the Owner Walks Through the Parts and Thought Behind it all.