KSL | Bountiful mom designs diaper bag to simplify baby care

KSL | Bountiful mom designs diaper bag to simplify baby care

BOUNTIFUL — If you’ve ever struggled to find what you need in the endless depths of a diaper bag, a Bountiful mom’s simple solution could help.

Sariah Tate created the streamlined Peke-Buo diaper bag after the birth of her third son. It’s a compact kit that quickly folds out into a changing table, while at the same time offering access to essentials like wipes and tissues without opening the bag.

“My whole thing was, ‘Why can’t we have a little diaper bag that you can just put into your purse?’” Tate said. “Because I then take that same (Peke-Buo) diaper bag and if I need a backpack that day, for instance to carry my laptop and work things, then I can slip it right into a backpack. I can give it to my husband to put it wherever he’s going. I can hand it to a sitter.”

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With her second son, Tate said she had a little diaper bag with wipes on the outside and loved it. However, when she saw changing pads with pockets that could fold into a clutch, but didn’t have the wipe access on the outside, she wondered if there was a way to combine the two ideas so a child’s caretaker could access everything they needed whether the bag was open or folded up.

She drew up an initial design to test out at home.

“Once I figured it out on a piece of paper, then I had to find out if it was actually functional — like if I could make it work on fabric and things,” she said. “So I started sewing my first prototype without knowing where it would lead. It was just a fun side project I was working on.”

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