Peke-buo™ Sport BLUE Diaper Changing Bag

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This vibrate cobalt blue color quite popular with both moms and dads alike.

The Peke•buo™ Sport design is our originally development model that many parents love and use. It was created for the families on the go and versatile to travel everywhere with you whether it be camping or shopping at the mall. Enjoy all the unique and practical features of this little diaper changing bag. It has instant access to wipes, diapers, tissues, and baggies. Unfolds into a changing station with quick access to all dispensers.  Small enough to fit in your personal tote. Adjustable, detachable strap allows you to use as an over the shoulder, cross body bag as well as clip on to anything such as your stroller.

***All product such as wipes, tissues, diaper and baggies are NOT included with the bag.***

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• Folded up, bag measures 10.5×7″ to fit easily in larger tote or purse.

• Unfolds to reveal a 27″x12″ changing pad, large enough to fit upper body of toddler sizes.

• Instant access to wipes, tissues and baggies while bag is open or folded up.

• Folds in a unique way so that the surface your baby is on is kept separate from what has been on the ground and separate from the out side of your bag.

• When folded pad creates a ‘secret’ pocket underneath the bag ideal for a diaper or change or clothes. Items appear on pad when unfolded.

• 6 interior pockets for easy organization

• 6 Neodymium magnets provide seamless, effortless closure for flap and ‘secret’ diaper pocket (and changing pad)

•  Made of high quality, light weight, durable, water resistant,  breathable fabric that wipes, cleans and dries easily. Can be machine or hand washed. Exterior Material: Hipora ™ Fabric; Interior: Taslan ™ Fabric

• Please note that actually color may appear slightly different than it does in the picture due to differences in screen and camera lighting

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 1 × 8 in

Red, Sky Blue, Black, Gray


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