Unaffiliated Reviews for the Peke-buo Diaper bag:

(This feedback came in organically as messages, posts and/or  comments through our Facebook page and Kickstarter.)

I Love my Peke-Buo! When I’m doing quick trips to the park I can fit diapers, wipes, snacks, my phone, and keys all in this one little compact bag/changing pad. On longer outings it fits perfectly in my diaper bag, then is super easy to take out for changes. Hello no more rummaging through giant diaper bag trying to find things! Seriously folks, this bag is The diaper bag to have.

-Kathryn B. VA

I love how simple but brilliant this bag is! I love that I can take it on a quick trip or into wherever I am going without having to take everything else too! I can just grab this smart little bag and go! It’s awesome and I feel like a fancy mom when I use it! I also love that the wipes are always easily accessible and I always know where they are for when my little man decides to spit out instead of swallow his mouthful of food at the restaurant. It is the first and only think I have backed on Kickstarter and I’m so glad I did!

-Sarah W. UT

The peke buo helped keep everything handy

I just wanted to thank you for having gotten my diaper bags to me so quickly. I got them just in time for my solo trip with my 7month old. I was super stressed to have to fly with him by myself and carrying so much with me and the peke buo helped keep everything handy. It even made changing his diaper on the plane a breeze! I am one happy mama.

-Marlene F. AZ

I’m basically obsessed with it.

I bought my bag from the Kickstarter campaign for boy #3! Had him in December and adore my bag. Pretty much told everyone I know with Toddlers on down about it. I’m basically obsessed with it.

-Emily W. UT :: Mother of 3, Kickstarter backer

It’s the perfect little bag

I got my bag in the mail yesterday and loaded it up. It’s the perfect little bag to spend all day at the mall with the littles. I have all my essentials at my fingertips without a huge diaper bag!!

– Aly C. UT :: Mother of 2

Much Easier

We fit everything we had in our other huge diaper bag into your bags & now it fits in our stroller. It has already been so much easier to use and makes traveling with our 4 month old twin girls much easier. ”

– Randy J, AZ :: Kickstarter backer

It isn’t bulky and holds everything I need.

I LOVE my bag. It isn’t bulky and holds everything I need. I take it with me everywhere!!

-Nicole P. UT :: Mother of 2

Peke buo is amazing!


Fun to show off

I love having this functional, convenient and compact bag to take with me everywhere. It’s much easier to use than my bulky diaper bag. It’s fun to show off how the bag works with friends and family too

-Tia R, UT

Great for short and long trips

Love to use mine as a diaper bag for short trips, or in my bag for longer trips. CJ loves it too!!

-Sharon R, NY

I’m a grandma and its perfect

LOVE mine! I’m a grandma and its perfect to have around the house, in the car, on the go!

-Jaqueline R, UT

What Affiliated Bloggers are saying:

(These came from bloggers who were interested in receiving a free bag in return for a post)

“As a mother of 7, I’ve been through my fair-share of diaper bags. This little bag from Peke-buo is by far my favorite. It’s mega-compact and PACKED with awesome and much-needed features. I love having the wipes on the outside flap and a special spot for tissues and mini garbage-bags. I can fit everything I need for a stress-free diaper change right inside!”

-Mariel from she picks gift guide

What I love about this bag is that I have all my diaper needs in one closed off, sanitary, compact place that I can either have in my big diaper bag and easily access, or if I know I’m not going to be gone long and only need the essentials then I can leave the gargantuan bag at home and just bring this nifty little thing. Also super handy that it unfolds right into a changing station!

-Karine from doublethebatch

This is the most genius diaper bag I’ve ever used. It’s perfect for those times when you don’t want to take a big bag out with you.

I love how it easily stores diapers, wipes, your phone, wallet, pacifiers, etc., and that it turns into a changing pad. There’s nothing worse than going into a bathroom with a stinky baby only to find out there is no changing table anywhere!

-Katie from

The @Pekebuo Diaper Bag is a life saver for mommies! See how the side of it opens up so you can grab a wipe is a second? And the whole diaper bag opens in the middle and turns into a changing pad. It’s amazingly small for all that it holds.

You need to see how much these diaper bags will change your life. They make changing diapers a cinch!

Annette  from Tips From a Typical Mom