How do you fold up the bag?
Folding up the bag is a little bit counterintuitive at first, but once you get it,  its very easy! If done right, you make sure all surfaces are kept separate from each other and you get the special diaper pocket! Here is a demo:

Can I wash my Peke-buo bag?

Yes! We sought out materials that would not only be water resistant but would breathe for easy washing and drying!

To machine wash: Unfold and wash on warm gentle. Be aware that the magnets will stick to the metal washing drum so to avoid tearing make sure that the setting are a gentle as possible. A washing machine mesh bag is recommend to preserve magnets and fabric. Using liquid detergent or cleaner that is for water proof jackets is recommend.

To handwash: Wash gently. Using liquid detergent or cleaner that is for water proof jackets is recommend.

To dry: Tumble in lowest heat setting or hang dry. After dry, it is recommend to tumble dry it again for 20 minutes. This will reactivate the durable water-repellent treatment on the outer material

How big is the bag folded up?

Folded up, bag measures 10.5×7″ to fit easily in larger tote or purse.

How big is the changing pad?

The Peke-buo Unfolds to reveal a 27″x12″ changing pad, designed large enough to fit upper body of toddler sizes.

Will the magnets affect my phone or credit cards?

The sewn in neodymium magnets are located in places that would be away from your phone and cards. Even in the LX and Hybrid designs we made sure that was a seam to separate your phone with contact with the magnets. In any case, the magnets are small and tucked away behind fabric making the likelihood of damage very unlikely. From our own testing and customer reports, we have not yet experienced any issues with damage to phones or cards.  If you do experience any issues with the magnets, please reach out to us.

What fabric is the peke-buo made of?

We were particular about finding the right type of fabric for the job. After all when dealing with diaper blow outs and potential of getting peed on we need something water resistant, durable, but something that could dry quickly and easily. We also wanted something that would be heavy or bulky but could take lots of use.  We were excited to find a materials that did all that but still held up like a quality woven fabric.

Exterior Material: Hipora ™

Hipora is a 3 layer membrane that prevents water from coming in while letting moisture out. It has a microporous structure. It is premium fabric with a polyurethane coating, the layers of material have tiny holes in it so water cannot get in, but moisture can escape.

Interior and lining : Taslan. Taslan  is a modern, high-tech, woven polyester fabric. It is a strong, durable waterproof and water resistant fabric. Ideal for a surface that is prone to moisture.