Hey everyone!! I finally have pictures to reveal  the changes we have made to improve your bag!! Here is also what you can expect as far as the design and color of your Peke•buo bag:

Here are the changes made and why:  Also, make sure you read the important color announcement below!!


First of, to be totally transparent there were some issues with the magnets placed at top as closure for the two bags. I mean, I LOVE magnets and their unique capabilities but if you held those bag upside down, all your stuff could fall through! Did NOT like that. I also didn’t love that when you unzipped the top zipper to get to your stuff, the bag started falling apart if the magnets weren’t strong enough. Too strong of magnets meant more difficulty sewing and also more risks with devices, etc. Finding the right magnets at a cost in Peru that made sense for the bag was proving difficult. I thought I was done product developing for this particular bag when we sent it out to the manufactures but I guess sometimes it is difficult to foresee the whole process. I wanted to make sure you had bags you loved. Our solution after several attempts to solve the problem? Exterior zippers to access your stuff without having to unzipping the top separating zipper (thats the one that turns your bag into a changing station). The zippers are covered with a nice lip to preserve the initial aesthetic of the bag (as you can see in the pic above). In the end it works better like this in many ways. It means you get quick access to exactly what you need: refill wipes, changing station, personal items, etc without having double closure or bag unfolding without you wanting it to.

Don’t worry, we still placed some slim neodymium magnets where it still made sense: 2 for the wipes flap and 4 to secure the hidden pocket on the bottom (that  also helps with folding up the changing pad).

FABRIC: Finding the right fabric has been a battle from the moment I started this idea. After a long hunt for the perfect fabric, we came across this nice HIPORA material for the exterior of bag that is water repellent (water will bead up) but still looks like a nice matte, woven material. It is lightweight, but still has structure and is durable. I think its pretty nice.

Here are earlier versions of the bag when we were testing different materials and designs (we tried having all three zippers on top of the bag but as you can see it made the bag all accordion like and floppy) Here is the closest we could find to the “teal”. I know. Perhaps closer to a sky blue? Still totally beeaaauitiful, I think.

ANNDDD.. our awesome manufacture has been working his team like CRAZY to get your bags completed ASAP. Talk about bend over backwards for us, seriously! Your bags are officially on their way from Peru! We are shipping them in batches (via air to get the here soon) and still MAKING them in batches. That means that some of you will have yours before others. Black and red were made first due fabric availability. Early bird will have priority for now. IF all goes as planned ALL bags should be here by and ready to ship out to you by mid October.


A commonly suggested color was gray and since we were doing a small run anyway we played around with adding it to this round of manufacturing…

Hope that was informative and helps you get an idea of what to expect. Please comment with questions. Thanks again for your patience with all this. So close to getting your bags to you!!