Alright, Folks. We wanted to fill you in on the details on what is going on with producing your bags. Our initial chosen manufacture was willing to do smaller runs for us to fill your orders but he had no way of knowing what we needed until the bag was shipped. It turns out all the suppliers that we needed to make the bag will only allow for minimum orders of thousands. The fabric was so unique there was lots of delay in locating it. Once we did, we found that it would have to be made to order, allowing for only one color in very large qualities, at a cost that was too capital intense.  It was pushing the dates of completion and shipment to mostly likely past October, November or possibly later.  We had to make a choice: take advantage of investors that were offering to help fund but delay the manufacturing process meaning an even longer wait for waiting parents OR find another option in manufacturing.

I was anxious to get everyone their bags at a reasonable time with the capital we did have. Since the very first of Aug, we took a leap of faith and started to work with a totally different manufacture in Peru (my family is from there! woot!) to see where things would lead. I was able to closely work with them and they have been moving quite fast. Great news!! During this process the material and design of the bag has been improved for your benefit.  Also, since we are now working at a smaller scale, ALL BACKERS GET THEIR COLOR CHOICE!! We can also turn the bags around faster since we are doing small runs. We are anticipating the first shipment to the US end of September and we will begin shipping ASAP. That means at this point if all goes as planned, you can expect your bag as early as October if you are in the USA. We will keep you posted if we hear about changes. Thank you for your patience in this process. We are learning a lot!   I can’t tell you how excited I am to get these bags to you.